“Is dad ok?”

“What do you mean?”

“He’s just sitting there like he’s in a stupor — two hours! Smiling, but I mean is he ok?”

“Are you for real? Spring training, baseball is back, he’s in his glory!”

“I dunno – he has not moved in two hours. You sure he’s even alive?”

An illuminated stadium big screen showing a baseball replay in the stands in the night time – 3D render

“Oh my God, you nudged him — that was dumb!”

“Sheeeshhh…. he’s fine, fine, ok, fine…. Dang, I did not expect him to swat my hand away like that!”

“Wonder what he finds so exciting about that game, but hey… he’s happy. Leave well enough alone. I suspect a lot of houses all over the place are having a similar experience right now. Just can’t figure out what anyone sees in that game though, never have had a clue…”