The reports are MLB is going to take some steps so the baseball this season is a bit deader – doesn’t fly out of the park so much, or something along those lines.

Wait a second.

Hold on.


You can’t throw a spit ball.

You sure can’t use a foreign object and scuff the ball.

There are all sorts of prohibitions on what the pitcher can do with the ball, do to the ball. No grease on that thing!

But… the league can deaden it a bit?

Excuse me? We talkin’ Dr. Frankstein Abner Doubleday?

Get out here! You’re going to tinker with the ball itself?

Oh… oh… I get it. You’re just fixing things. You’re just FIXING the ball a teeny bit. Fix. That’s what it is. “Just a little fix.”

Here is a link to contact the MLB.

Please be polite if you do.

Objections well stated could be conveyed to them and maybe they won’t “fix” the ball.

We don’t need the ball fixed.

We just need to play ball!