I have been a lawyer many years, and time and again we hear: “You put three lawyers in a room, you get 3 different opinions…”

Now, if we baseball fans were to select the four to go on baseball’s Mount Rushmore, I suspect we would have a lot of opinions there too!

The image above is on the internet — this image below likewise.

In fact, maybe we should have a different Mount Rushmore — how about 9 players? Are we going to include other than just players? Branch Rickey? A woman or two? An Ump?

To me there is one who has to be unanimous, or near unanimous and that simply is the Babe. From there, if you only had four, Hank Aaron, Cy Young, and, well, depends. What are the criteria to get onto baseball’s Mount Rushmore?

The four presidents we see on the Mount Rushmore that exists (Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt) were chosen to represent the nation’s birth, growth, development, and preservation, respectively. For baseball we would look at statistics, impact on the game, quality of person, agility, longevity, historic significance, pioneering spirit — sound ok? You think not? You would have some different criteria?

I got an idea: Let’s set up a huge zoom meeting across the country, give everyone in attendance an opportunity to be heard, come up with a fair, intelligent way to vote on it — no voting fraud of course — and then let’s commission whoever is going to construct it. Oh, yeah, let’s figure out where it should go. And how we are going to pay for it.

Question: Is there a suitable mountain somewhere near the Field of Dreams?