Baseball at its best is not about divisiveness. Everyone can be a baseball fan, right? Sure we have our grudges — our team against those other creeps — sure we want the managed canned at any given time, or the Ump to at least be given a major ear full.

Bottom line, this article below is not comfortable. A President of the United States should throw out the first ball. It should be a given. In fact there ought to be a law!

George W. Bush did not warm my heart, I admit… but when he threw that solid awesome pitch after 9-1-1, he sure brought me to my feet. He sure raised love of country (and furthered our adoration of baseball).

I hope the President throws out the first pitch soon. And throws it a little better than ol’ 3-Finger Doc Fauci…

Maybe he’d be more inclined if he threw at someone… but that’s not the way we want it. A first pitch is ceremonial. Even regal.It’s baseball. It brings us together. It always will.

There is not much you can be certain about kids… but baseball is always for the good, don’t let anyone ever convince you otherwise!