One of the best players in Major League Baseball today is Freddie Freeman.

A fun video on line from March 22, 2020, showing Freddie crushing a homer off his kid… dubbed “Freddie Freeman staying in shape until baseball resumes…”

Have you looked at Freddi’s stats over his career? He is young, all of 30. Always been with the Atlanta Braves. Last year, 38 home runs, 121 runs batted in, batting average 295. In 2018, 23 home runs, 309 batting average, 98 runs batted in. Life time average 293. He stands 6 foot 5 inches. This is, if I may say so, a stud.

Then I read he has contracted Covid 19, and is battling a fever. The article below talks about it. From what I am reading he is really very ill.

I just want to say how much, for innumerable reasons, I detest what is happening to all of us. If it can infect this gentleman, well…

We must take precautions, we must be smart, we must stay strong, but at the moment I just feel like screaming up to the sky at the top of my lungs. And I ain’t sayin’ Play Ball.

Hoping for much better seasons ahead, for all of us, to say the least. And hoping for Freddie’s recovery as quickly as possible.