If play resumes, possibly in July… If… there are going to be a number of notable changes, at least for the time being.  I do not have a complete list below by any means, but here are some of the changes probably in store. 

As you think about it, what will you miss most? For me, the seventh inning stretch.

1. No more spitting out of sunflower seeds

2. No more high fives, hip bumps or even fist pumps

3. Not all players are to sit in the dug out, and quite a few may be seated in the stadium.

4. No fans in the stands, at least for now.

5. No bat boy or girl.

6. No exchange of line up cards.

7. Batting practice pitchers are to wear masks, the dugout phone is to be disinfected after each use, there shall be no face touching when giving signs, nor can the MLB’er lick any fingers.

8. No team mascots on the field.

9. Managers and coaches will be wearing masks in the dug out.

10. And last but not least…depending upon where play goes forward, we may see 5 umpires in a game should the heat become a bit much so that there can be more rotation. (Did someone say Arizona?)

As long as we can at least still say “Play ball!” This is just temporary right? Well? It is temporary right?