Can I talk to you a little bit?  Have not seen all that many people for awhile.  Don’t worry I am not going to bite!

Sometimes the off season gets me more than other times. For a bunch of months you have a lot going on. Folks coming in. People hocking things. Noise. Music. Lights. Action. Groans. Songs. Colors. On it goes.

Then you go dormant, like snow and ice on the ground.

Night is a moon, a sky, some stars.

Days are drab, if you ask me. Comparatively speaking. There are some around and they do work on me, as they must. But it ain’t the season, or anything close, and it tends to be colder. It’s kinda purgatory, tell you the truth

You know, I ask myself just how many more years am I going to do this? I hope forever, but how realistic is that? Baseball seasons end, what makes me think I am going to be the stadium for ever? As if some young upstart won’t replace me. It’s like baseball itself really.

Funny, those kids behind you want to take a picture. I will shut up. I’m not having a good time with the off season. Thanks for listening. I just can’t wait until they open up the gates again. It looks and feels so much better.