Thank you to Skip Collinge who posted this on Say What!! Baseball Oddities and let me borrow it here.  My reply to this:  Amen!

I was so looking forward to the Yankee Series this weekend. Dodgers- Yankees is all about history and tradition. Look at these pictures- Jackie Robinson greeting Yogi Berra. Sandy and Whitey. Duke Snider tapping home plate as a dejected Yogi looks on. Roy Campanella making short work of Billy Martin as Gil Hodges approves the play.

This is Dodger- Yankee baseball. This is what made baseball bigger than the game itself. No two teams have played each other in the World Series in it’s 116 year history.

What was stolen was our right to see Dodger Blue and Yankee pinstripes together on the field. No other rivalry in baseball is more iconic or more important to the game, and their uniforms represent just that. The Dodgers and Yankees are the ONLY two teams in baseball that do not wear “alternative” home uniforms. They know they represent true baseball tradition that is sacrosanct to the game.

The iconic Dodger red front “TV” number has been worn at every Dodger home game since Ralph Branca faced Bobby Thompson. But not this weekend.

The stupid white and black uniforms robbed us of seeing precious Dodger Blue (since 1938) play against Yankee midnight blue (since 19 frikkin’ 14) play on our field of dreams this weekend, in favor of uniforms that would look better on attendants from the mental institution where the uniform designer surely must reside.

The Royal Dodger Blue of Jackie Robinson, Duke Snider and Sandy Koufax vs the “Midnight Blue” of Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle have given us our legends.

What were they thinking?????

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