In our judicial system, for a civil claim, you have a burden of proof to demonstrate the case by a preponderance of the evidence.  This means “more likely than not”, or roughly 51/49 in your favor.  In many states 9 out of 12 jurors is satisfactory for you to prevail

Criminal law is a higher standard — beyond a reasonable doubt — and the jury has to be unanimous.  We clearly favor our freedom more so than money.  Civil cases often involve monetary damages; crimes on the other hand can lead to incarceration.

Well… I had good fortune the other night.  A friend of a friend gave him “baseline tickets” to a Dodger game.  Never sat there before.  Third row from the field, and right at field level.  There is a long shelf, like a table, in front of you; there are waiters. There’s a delicious buffet you can go to (paid for with the ticket), and really good parking.

It is not so much the feeling of being at the game.  It feels like you are right there, in the game.

Quite an experience, but this video is what I remember; all 8 seconds of it.  Here, then,  is sufficient proof under any standard that there is absolute purity in baseball.

Ladies and gentlemen, fans representing a cross section of the community…  I rest my case: