“He was so inspired”

“How inspired was he?”
“He was so inspired he created the sun, the moon, the planets, the stars, oceans, plants, air, music,  space, colors, animals, humans, insects, fish, rocks, mountains, prairies, ice, the sun, and baseball.”
“Wait — wait a second.  Hold on… And baseball?”
“Yeah, of course. And baseball!”
“That’s it?  Anything else? Baseball is among the most important creations, are you kidding me?”
“Well, think bats, mitts,  stadiums, balls, bases, cheering, booing, kids, hat doffing, fellowship, fans, seventh inning stretch…  did I leave anything out?”
“How about women and children, men, boys and girls… families, friends, strangers, priests, rabbis, monks, nuns, grand parents, uncles, aunts – “
“Sorry to interrupt, sorry… but I said fans!”
“Yeah right, right… And I suppose on the eighth day he shouted Play Ball?”
“Well, actually it was on the 9th, the 8th was a travel day…”