Do you have a place you go, or hang out, where you “take five”?

I would guess most who go to a baseball game, sit in their seats, browse around a bit, get food, go to the restroom, stretch, but largely stay put, right?

That works, but at times I find myself straying.

There are some tables and chairs a bit off the beaten path, behind the bleachers, behind center field, at the ball park.  You cannot see the game directly, but there are television screens nearby.  It is in the shade, and relatively quiet.  No one there has an agenda.  There is often a a breeze.  You can look up and sense the wind, including how it affects the flags above.  You have a view of the sky.  On occasion another patron will chat with me, and we comfortably express our opinions about how the guys are doing.  Often enough it focuses on griping about the Manager.  One of my favorite comments came from a gentleman whose name I never got:  “They need to make an Alka Seltzer that gives me relief from that guy!”

Pop pop fizz fizz… oh what a relief it is…. Fired!

Some times a group of us chirp like birds.

I am sharing with you that I will sometimes saunter over to this little covey to take a break. But I have asked myself: Don’t you go to the ball park to take a break?  You have to take a break from your break?

Actually,  I just need to clear my head a bit.  So, yes, I need a brief respite.  Some of the games are pretty darn tense.  And, maybe I did not have the best day, before I got there, or the best week.

Sit and let things pass by.

I have been told that in the lost and found the ones who have a quiet place, which they visit on occasion, are the ones who find their own way back.

When I am done with the quiet place, I go back to the noisy spot.  I go back into the crowd.

Wouldn’t it be great, though, if we all had a relief pitcher?   Wouldn’t it be great if each of us had his or her own bull pen?

As much as we root for a team of our choosing, we usually get up to bat all alone.  There is a part of life that is very singular.  After all, we come in alone… we go out alone.

Well I agree with you – that’s more than enough.

Back to the ball game!

I took my little break.

Should you happen upon me at some point ruminating at the ball park… or if you do something similar.. we are kindred. Baseball and life have brought us together, and I wish you every blessing.

But like I said – back to the game!