Could be a girl you know

In fact may just be.

Could be anyone’s kid

you know

probably is.

Gotta watch

as the kid takes swings

stands ready to hit that pitch

to maybe

you know


make you stand up and shout


like a

crazed person.


when did being a parent

turn some of us


that crazed person?

When our kid

is at bat



is for dreamers

for kids

for parents

for everyone,

for those of us who like to see the child get a chance

at bat.

Baseball is opportunity

baseball is a chance

baseball beckons

it really does.

Fingers crossed?

Is that what you do

when your kid is batting?

Did you drive her there?

Did you leave work to go watch him play?

Did you stop everything

to be there?

Funny how baseball changes everything

and reminds some of us

of the sea.