Might Casey-itis?  Is that what this is?

In August 2018, the New York Times wrote: “This could be the first season in major league history to feature more strikeouts than hits, a slowdown that worries many league officials. Thirty years ago, batters compiled nearly 13,000 more hits than strikeouts. Last season, that edge dwindled to about 2,000. This season, through Wednesday, it was nearly even, with hits only slightly ahead: 30,678 hits, 30,569 strikeouts.”

These stats don’t make any of us jump for joy.

Steeeeeeeeeerike 3!  That’s what set a record in 2018?  And it has to do, from what I am reading anyway, with analytics… And pitchers focusing more on velocity.  And relievers coming in.  And umpires getting more accurate. And players focusing on launching home runs…. And so baseball’s popularity may be waning.

Batting averages dropped to their lowest point last year at .248.
Man oh man the devil is in the details!
Your view is?  I will tell you my view:  This trend sucks!
Now, does this mean I vote for not being as analytical?  Wellll, just how far can this metrics stuff go? No constraints to speak of?  Are you happy with the way the pendulum is swinging?  Even if it sets a record for swinging and missing?
Swinging….  I remember as a kid.  Loved it!  Swinging was (swinging is) so much fun!  We all want the child to go a little higher on the swing. I don’t have to look at stats and data and video and mathematical equations to figure out how to help the kid swing…
Next you know the seventh inning stretch will be subject to a timer and the age old song “Take me out to the ballgame” will be replaced by “Take my equation to home plate… take my data right now… because it’s
high and tight, then left and right at the old balllllll statistics!”
How to drive people away from the game?  Let the strike-outs rule.  To me, it’s collusion.  Collusion with folks for whom the game has become a graph, studies, and data measured against cerebral contemplation….
When “Play ball!” becomes “Take notes!”, it’s over buddy.
New motto:  Strike out the strike outs!  Ok ok, strike out so many strike outs! The national past time is not striking out.  Not on our watch!