Our intrepid research team (ok, yes, that would be me) has discovered that the kiss cam dates from California in the 1980s when big screens became part of the baseball parks and well… the rest is history… or her story… or well…. See, baseball may be too slow, or not interesting enough, and the fan experience is critical, and getting love in the air is just really important.  There are those, however,  who decry the kiss cam, and indeed seriously criticize it.  I would also guess some germaphobes really grimace because the mouth can transmit all sorts of stuff, and well…. whatever may be the case this video below makes me want to sing:

“Take me out to the ball game… take me out with the crowd…. but if I’m shown on kiss scam, please give me a gigantic shroud… cuz it’s smooch smooch smooch with my honey…. smooching should have no shame…  yes it’s one two three big kisses at the olllll’ ball game!”