Well, have you heard about Max Muncy?  Didn’t do so well with the Oakland Athletics.  Not quite a spring chicken…

Dodger management saw something, and with injuries taking out players right and left, they brought Max up from the minors earlier this season (after some 20 games) to try to be of help for a little while, until the main guys returned — be it at second, third or first.  Except, he has been ripping the cover off the ball, way up there in on-base-percentage, 20 dingers already, and is solid in the field. Now he starts. He is incredibly patient at the plate.  Bottom line, he has arrived.

The image that accompanies this post is such a good fit.  One of the reasons so many of us love baseball is because of players like Max.  Thank you buddy.  Oh, some of my friends sing a song when you hit a homer, it’s a knock-off from the old standard “The Monster Mash…”  We call it the “Muncy Mash”…. it was a home run smash.

Bottom line: Really appreciate your reminding everyone the best is yet to come.